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A crude map of the Version 2 Island. Please note that the expressway and sewer system are missing from this map.
The island used for V2 now contains a wider array of human structures and agricultural areas than the island of V1, however it is not without its soon-to-be-spoiled natural beauty. The areas have been segmented into 5 regions based on their relative position on the island, and there are two areas that encompass the entire island. All of these areas except for the school are now danger zones.



  • Mountain Ranch - A large mountain range covers the far northern portion of the island, although most of the range is too dangerous to traverse. A small and secluded ranch has been built into the lower portion of the mountains, and the old ranch house, horse stables, and antiquated barn all beg for a fresh coat of red.


  • The River - A winding river runs through the eastern portion of the island, providing much needed water and flourishing the island with life. There's a very large dam near the northern inlet, keeping a good deal of the ocean water from rushing into the river while letting some in so the thing doesn't dry up. Without this "filter dam", the river would've flooded out of control years ago. Near the southern part of the island, an old and withered bridge, forgotten decades ago, stands. The bridge is wooden and is slowly beginning to decay, giving the humanized wilderness surrounding it a rather eerie feel.
  • The Cliffs - On the far eastern side of the island lie a span of cliffs, jutting out into the open sea. Below the cliffs, ensnared in the craggy rocks, a somewhat antiquated ship lies. The journey down to the ship is a bit difficult, probably impossible for one individual, but who knows what sort of goodies abound below the decks?
  • The Forest - The southeastern part of the island is covered in a dense, dark forest. Somewhere within the forest, a tree fort once belonging to a young child has been erected within the trees. Don't let your guard down here, there's no telling who's hiding in the nearby bushes waiting to strike.


  • Wheat Fields - A large, open field filled with rows upon rows of wheat stalks. The wheat only comes up to about the average person's waist, and thus makes an individual traversing this area stick out like a sore thumb. Be careful in this area, there's no telling who else could be wading through the tall grass.
  • Mansion Ruins - This mansion, once home to the island's mayor, was burnt to the ground in a mysterious fire that occurred right before the evacuation. Now, nothing lies in the area except for scorched earth and the very basic foundations of the once colossal abode.
  • Church - The church has been around for hundreds of years, and is in a drastically deteriorated condition. Ivy and moss cover the outside of the church, and the shingles on the roof are now green. Inside the church, the floor has been torn to pieces. Many of the old pews still sit inside, some of them turned various ways. The steps to the second floor have a large gap in them, probably making them unsafe to walk on. An old, rusty ladder sits in the corner by the altar. Out back, an old and dilapidated cemetary exists, most of the tombstones now indecipherable.
  • Farmhouse - Along the southern border of the island lies an old farmhouse. It's a quiet and quaint place nicely suited for those who would rather hide than fight. Behind the old farmhouse lies a vast sea of cornfields that always seem to sway eerily in the breeze. Watch yourself here, who knows who will be lurking within the sea of cornstalks.


  • Lighthouse - A large white lighthouse, visible even across the endless sands of the western shore, sits in the northwestern corner of the island. An old stone stairwell leads up the craggy path to the lighthouse, which sets atop a plateau of sorts. At the bottom of the stairwell, beneath the lighthouse, an intricate network of caves exists. For some, they symbolize shelter. For others, they're the perfect hiding place.
  • Western Shore - An endless shoreline spans the western portion of the island. The shore itself is quite desolate and is in desperate need of a bit of color on its pale white sands. Located on the western shore is a marina filled with boats and other water crafts. Shame they're all out of gas.
  • The Pagoda - This large structure sits atop a solitary hill and is visible even from a distance. The white pagoda, five stories tall, was formerly one of the island's more famous attractions. The serenity the setting once offered just begs to be disturbed by the imminent chaos that will consume the island.


  • The Mall - A sprawling shopping mall which covers both an indoor and outdoor setting. The mall was abandoned in haste, and most of the stores were left wide open with merchandise still on the racks. Unfortunately, anything worthwhile has since been removed from the structure. A large clocktower sits in the center of the complex, slowly counting away the hours until the students' doom.
  • Residential District - The former inhabitants of the island seem to have been rushed from their homes in a hurry. Houses within the residential area are still filled with goodies and still hold a uniform and upkept appearance. The rows of brick houses beg for a bit of chaos that the oncoming battles are bound to provide.
  • School Building - The island school is relatively small, and, in another place and time, the school may have provided a relaxing setting. The school consists of many classrooms, a basement, a football field, and a small gymnasium. It may prove a valuable place to hide, providing someone else doesn't wish to occupy your room. The structure remains as it was the day the island was evacuated, there are even items left in the students' desks.
  • The Park - Once a place of tranquility on the island, the park is centered around a large fountain and contains swings, a jungle gym, and see-saws, along with various other childrens' play things. The park serves as somewhat of a dharma in the chaos of SOTF, but soon enough even this tranquil region of the island will be painted red.
  • Botanical Garden - According to the mural on the concrete wall near the botanical garden, this place was once a project for the island's school children. It's quite well taken care of and is overflowing and flourishing with life. Of course, just like anywhere else, the worms here need their food. Perhaps you can provide?
  • The Hotel - While not especially large, containing roughly five stories, this hotel once served as a temporary residence for island tourists. Perhaps the hotel could serve as a safe haven for you as well? Don't let your guard down here, however, you never know who's watching you from the shadows.
  • Industrial District - A small industrial district lies on the island, the smell of sulfur still polluting the nearby air even though the factory incinerator hasn't been operated in some time. Besides the factory, the only other nearby building of note is the island slaughterhouse.
  • The Hospital - Although it's called a hospital, it's really more of an island clinic. It's a relatively small building, covered in whites and pastels to give it a clean and sterile look. Even the waiting rooms and the patient rooms in the back beg for a little color. The cupboards and cabinets still contain various medications prescribed by clinic physicians. It's the opportune place to head if you're needing to tend to a few wounds -- it's also the opportune place to head if you're set on picking off the weak links.


  • The Expressway - The expressway traverses the entire island, running from end to end and leading everywhere and nowhere. This long and winding road once served as the primary route of transportation across the island. Now, it's become just another part of the fight for survival.
  • Sewer System - The expressway may span the entire island, but the sewer system goes a step further by spanning the entire island underground. The smell down below may be a bit wretched, but by descending into the depths of the sewers, you'll gain leverage against your opponents. Be careful when standing near a manhole, who knows who might pop out of it.
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